£20 per half hour

£25 per hour

This treatment uses a variety of massage and stretching techniques (described above) for a highly effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and aid injury prevention and recovery. An extended consultation involving posture analysis and home treatment exercises are provided to help in further improvement from therapy to reach goals in reducing tension, reliving pain or aiding recovery from injury.


£15 per half hour

£20 per hour

Relaxing massage to reduce stress and tension from daily life. This massage focuses on effleurage and light petrissage techniques for lymphatic drainage, reducing pain and allowing for deep muscle relaxation. A brief consultation and home treatment advice are provided to get the most out of this experience.

Hi! My name is Megan and I am an ITEC accredited Sports Massage Therapist currently studying physiotherapy at King’s College London. 

I offer private sports massage and therapeutic treatments within your own home allowing you to feel the most comfortable. Whether you are exercising regularly, training for an event or simply want to reduce pain and tightness in muscles, the treatments and home exercises will be tailored to your needs to provide the most effective treatments. 

Sports Massage is beneficial to both highly active individuals and regular people simply struggling with muscle pain from long hours in the office or from general wear and repair. If exercising regularly, sports massage is is a great way to reduce pain caused from minor muscle pulls or strains, allowing faster recovery and preventing worsening of symptoms. 

Techniques performed include:


-Deep tissue petrissage 

-Myofascial release

-Neuromuscular trigger point techniques

-Transverse frictions adhesion techniques


Continued monitoring and reassessment from the initial consultation; throughout your treatment enables the adaptation of the sessions to maximise effectiveness in injury recovery, pain reduction and reaching your goals more quickly.



MJC Sports Massage Therapy


August offers coming soon...


Tel: 0774 2204 051

Location: Hillingdon, London


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Sports Massage

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